Harry’s 2:30 Jam: I Just Can’t Wait To Be King

Here’s the thing: 5-hour energy used to have those ads about the 2:30 feeling. Where 2:30 hits and you say to yourself “I could really take a big-time nap right now but unfortunately I still have two-and-a-half hours left at my job that makes me want to murder children.”

In reality 5-hour makes me too jittery to be productive, so when it’s 2:30, and Ray’s chapping my ass about not blogging enough, I turn to a 2:30 jam to ratchet myself back up.

Everyone knows about traditional pump-up songs — good for you, if the Rocky theme still gets you going after all these years, I’m happy for you. Truly. But I like to look off the beaten path for my jams. Do things a little differently.

Which brings us to the inaugural edition of 2:30 jams. Some people like to have a little buildup in life. Not me. I like to get right to it. So I’m giving you one of the best jams in the arsenal right out of the gate. You’re welcome.

Yeah that’s right. It’s a Lion King song. It’s also one of the greatest songs of all time.

If you can listen to more than 5 seconds of that afro-beat they’ve got going on here without tapping your foot, you’re either deaf or paralyzed. When you get about 2/3 of the way through and Simba drops a little “Everybody Look Left, Everybody Look Right,” closely followed by one of the 10 greatest lines in the history of music, when Zazu just comes in so hard with a “NOT YET!”

It’s amazing. I can’t listen to Mr. Bean playing a salty bird yell “NOT YET!” enough times. The fact that it’s not used in pop culture as a meme is an embarrassing failure for the Internet as a whole. We need to do better.

You could really live your whole day with Lion King songs if we’re being totally honest. Wake up — quick Circle of Life to get the juices flowing. 2:30 rolls around, come in hot with a Just Can’t Wait To Be King. 5:00 pm, you’re off work, how about a little phrase that means no worries, Hakuna Matata. 10:00 pm, maybe you’ve had a couple of drinks and you’re trying to get your lady (or guy) into bed — Can’t You Feel The Love Tonight. Wake up the next day, do it all over again. Because, you know, it’s a circle.

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