Jazz beat writer gets stranded in Costa Rica after (shocker) United flight has a mishap

People – A United Airlines plane had a ‘terrifying’ emergency landing after one of its engines overheated over the ocean, according to a reporter who was on board the plane.

United Flight 1516 bound for Houston, Texas, from Liberia, Costa Rica, because of the engine problem on the Boeing 737-800.

That reporter just so happened to be the Deseret News’ Utah Jazz beat writer Jody Genessy, aka @DJJazzyJody.

But wait, aren’t the Jazz locked into a tight first-round series with the L.A. Clippers? Yes, yes they are. Little did I know, however, Jody scored a trip to Costa Rica with other health coaches as part of his weight-loss journey.

Sounds like pretty harrowing stuff that went on on this flight. An engine overheated while OVER THE WATER. Chalk this up as reason No. 999 why people have irrational (maybe somewhat rational?) fears of flying. They had to stay up in the air to burn off most of the fuel all while knowing they were one engine down.

Not only did they have an engine problem, when they were landing, the wind apparently kicked up. Now here I might have thrown up:

Such bananas. What next can go wrong for United? Well, how about we lose an engine over the water? Greaaaaaat.

(Quick side note: It’s wind shear, not sheer. Everyone’s an editor. I know it must have been a grueling experience, but…)

Jody tweeted about the experience, thanking the pilots for getting them on the ground safely and the story started to make waves on the interwebs. People Magazine picked it up and Jody also made an appearance on Good Morning America.

Finally, I know what you’re thinking. Jody, respect the biz. It’s the playoffs for crying out loud! How can a paper’s main beat writer skip out on the playoffs? You can’t, that’s just not something you do!

Well, losing more than 150 pounds in one year can certainly be a reason. You know, the whole work-life balance thing. So you can’t knock Jody too much for this. The man has been killing it in the weight-loss game after once weighing more than 370 pounds.

The downside here is the passengers were delayed another day and Jody won’t be going to Game 5. (Not sure if he was going anyways) He’s definitely a great follow on twitter.com and there’s been a void in my life without him the past week. Will be happy to see him back for Game 6.


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