This Anti-DUI Law Ad Is Absolutely Phenomenal

Salt Lake TribuneA national restaurant association warned in a full-page Idaho Statesman newspaper ad on Tuesday that if Idahoans go to Utah on vacation, they may return on probation because of its new toughest-in-the-nation drunken driving law.

“I will tell you this is just the beginning of our campaign” to attack the law — which does not take effect for 20 months until Dec. 30, 2018 — and seek its repeal at a special session of the Legislature expected in late summer, said Sarah Longwell, managing director of the American Beverage Institute.

First of all, “Come On Vacation, Leave On Probation” is one of the greatest slogans in the history of slogans. Pats on the back to whatever overpaid marketing firm sat in a conference room and came up with this. This is the kind of idea that comes up 30 minutes into a 2-hour brainstorm meeting and everyone’s like “Yup, I think we’re done here, let’s hit happy hour.”

Honestly if they don’t put it on a t-shirt in the next week, I very well might.

The mugshot visual — perfect. She’s just sort of middle-aged hot enough to catch your eye and make you think she likes to have a little red wine with dinner and then BANG: her crime is “Had one drink with dinner.”  Just absolutely brilliant. Great job by the American Beverage Institute.

But then again, why should I be surprised that an ad in support of drinking more is awesome? Of course it is. Can’t wait to see what the teetotalers come up with in response. Probably an overturned car on the side of I-15 with the caption “Had one drink at dinner.”

Look, I am against drunk driving. It’s dangerous. People die. Don’t do it.

Having said that, this law is stupid. The people between .05 and .08 aren’t the ones getting in accidents. Every time I read a story about a drunk driving accident, it seems like the driver was always somewhere in the neighborhood of “twice the legal limit.”

Also, it’s not like people coming out of dinner or a bar and saying to themselves “I wonder if I’m at .05 or .08 right now.” It’s simply “Am I too drunk to drive?” People aren’t carrying breathalyzers. It’s a personal decision and always will be until they install ignition blowers in cars.

I’ll say this — it’s in the realm of possibility that I actually drive better at .05. I pretty much do everything else better (with the notable exception of golf). Truly. Ask Ray.

We already have some of the most if not the most severe penalties for DUI in Utah. And I’m totally OK with that — in this day and age with Uber a tap or two away, cabs and several forms of public transportation all easily available, there’s absolutely no excuse for it. Punish those who do it — but there is just no need for this law.

Can’t wait to see what the ABI comes up with next. Keep it coming.

Also, when this lady gets out of pretend jail, her next pretend drink is on me.

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