BREAKING NEWS: SLC called a peaceful, charming, non-treacherous city yet again

B/R – … It is Salt Lake City, after all.

It’s the kind of place where most restaurants close at 10 p.m. on weekdays and 11 p.m. on weekends. Baristas remember your name days after you’ve last been in their coffee shop, traffic is almost nonexistent, and wherever you turn, there’s a cute, Instagram-worthy photo just waiting to be captured.

Bleacher Report published a nice piece on Jazz big man Rudy Gobert on Tuesday. Fun read. Good tidbits of info in there. Recommended reading. Blah blah blah.


Like with many national media pieces on Jazz star players, it delves into the cultural life of Salt Lake City. Not that there’s anything wrong with it. For those that live in here, it’s like saying, “OK OK, we get it. It’s nice here.”

I always find it interesting when writers who don’t live here use it as evidence why players won’t get in trouble around here. (The Undefeated touched on this a few months ago) I don’t want to be “Minnesota nice.”

So just because Rudy is a professional basketball player with fame and fortune, he won’t get into trouble in Salt Lake? Seems reasonable. I guess. If it helps players focus on the game, I’ll take it. But it also might be because of the kind of players the Jazz draft. The team hasn’t really had to deal with players along the lines of Gilbert Arenas or Ron Artest. So it’s probably a little of both.

I don’t buy Schilling’s take that traffic is almost nonexistent though. Sure, it’s not SoCal. But there IS traffic. And I still haven’t had a barista remember my name at coffee shops around here. Hopefully, that will come soon once they start reading here.

Maybe instead of describing the scenery around here, writers will eventually refer to them as Phenomenal Vistas (stay tuned for this). Just a thought.

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