Harry’s 2:30 Jam: You’re The Best Around

Here’s the thing: 5-hour energy used to have those ads about the 2:30 feeling. Where 2:30 hits and you say to yourself “I could really take a big-time nap right now but unfortunately I still have two-and-a-half hours left at my job that makes me want to murder children.”

In reality 5-hour makes me too jittery to be productive, so when it’s 2:30, and Ray’s chapping my ass about not blogging enough, I turn to a 2:30 jam to ratchet myself back up.

Today, we go to what I feel is an often overlooked movie pump-up anthem.

We hear about the Rocky theme. This needs to be on that level. It’s got everything you’re looking for in a 2:30 jam. Ridiculously motivational lyrics in a very singable vocal range even for the typical red-blooded American male. Pounding 80’s beat that makes me nostalgic for the hits of yesteryear. Power guitar riff behind the verse to get the blood flowing topped off with an absolutely fire-flames solo that will make you stand up in your cubicle and show the office your air guitar skills.

Not sure what else you could possibly want out of a song to get you going. You have to actively tell yourself not to run through a wall after you hear it.

My only issue is that as a Patriots fan, I feel sort of obligated to root for Cobra Kai now when I watch the movie. That’s why I didn’t use the YouTube clip of Ralph Macchio kicking ass and taking names.

PS — Best Macchio performance nobody’s seen: Artie Lange’s epic masterpiece Beer League. Copies only available on Amazon (no Netflix or iTunes for this beauty, a tragedy I say).

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