Huntsman Sr. says firing could have cost U $250 million

Deseret News – Had the University of Utah not reinstated the CEO of the Huntsman Cancer Institute, Jon Huntsman Sr. confirmed Wednesday that it would have lost a quarter-of-a-billion-dollar donation from his family’s foundation.

Huntsman told the Deseret News that the deal — designed to give payments to the facility over eight years, totaling $250 million — “was pretty well settled” before Huntsman Institute Director and CEO Mary Beckerle was fired on April 17. But the decision to let her go changed everything, he said.

Have to love Hunstman Sr. here. Putting all his cards on the table and dangling the $250 million donation in front of university president David Pershing and Sr. Vice President of University Health Sciences Vivian Lee’s face.

Big dick Jon, as I like to call him.

You know this had to play a part in Mary Beckerle’s reinstatement. Huntsman said if she wasn’t welcomed back, the $250 million was off the table. Not to mention the $130 million that was about to be signed before Beckerle was fired. Looooot of dollar signs being thrown around here.

As part of Beckerle’s reinstatement, the boss will now report to Pershing instead of Lee. Probably a good decision here. Can’t really repair a relationship with someone after you publicly fired them, can ya?

And Huntsman, as he’s been known to do throughout this ordeal, delivered another money quote.

“I don’t wish her (Lee) well, I don’t wish her bad,” Huntsman told the Deseret News. “We just don’t want anything to do with her — at least I don’t.”

Again, Huntsman drops the mic on Lee. I’m sorry to say it, but what does Lee do now to repair her public perception? Cure cancer. Yep, that’s what it has to be. Find the cure.

Of course, Huntsman said his demands didn’t have anything to do with the size of his donations and all to do with “justice and fairness.” That’s a nice sentiment. But how could money not play a part here. As a president or director, you want to keep your donors happy. Let’s not forget.

He also told the Deseret News he didn’t believe his public pressure had anything to do with her reinstatement. C’moooon maaan. How could it not? What was the full page ad in both papers for, then?

Now that Beckerle’s back though, let’s hope things get back to normal. And my favorite hobby now might have to be watching to see what Lee comes up with next or at least where she pops up in the news next. *insert Bart Scott “can’t wait” gif*

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