7 long years and we’re finally here, the day of reckoning for the Jazz

We are here. The day we’ve long been waiting for since Utah topped Denver seven years ago in the first round. Seven long, excruciating years since a series win. I can’t believe it’s been this long. Of course, there were those years against the Spurs. But c’mon, those 4-0 sweeps don’t really count.

It’s time to buckle up in the valley. The Jazz are favored by 6 in Vegas. Seems like a lot to me seeing as how close this series has been. But maybe Vegas is thinking the Clippers are finished after the Game 5 loss. Still, I’m taking a Jazz victory and see the Clips covering tonight.

The role players are peaking at the right time for the Jazz. I expect Joe Ingles, while he put up a goose egg in Game 5, to light it up from three tonight and Iso Joe Johnson to do his thing as well. The Jazz can’t let it go back to LA for a Game 7. 98-93 Utah. Put it down in pen.

If you’re at the game, please heckle Chris Paul as much as possible. I like when he’s distracted because he’s whining at the refs all game.

I’ll be downtown tonight. You should be too. Can’t pass up such an electric atmosphere. Five lightning bolts.

Buckle up.

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