Downtown’s Lamb’s Grill is closed, at least temporarily. Sad!

Salt Lake Tribune – Lamb’s Grill, one of Utah’s oldest and best-known restaurants, shut its doors Wednesday after several years of financial struggle.

“We don’t want to say it’s the end of Lamb’s,” said General Manager Todd Gibson, “but the owner has run out of resources and we can’t stay afloat.”

Owner Wayne Barlow is trying to find investors to help save the venerable downtown eatery at 169 S. Main St., Gibson said. “Hopefully, we’ll only be closed for a couple of weeks.”

This is where we all say, “I’m surprised it didn’t happen earlier.”

Look, I’m bummed the grill is closed. At least temporarily as the general manager told the Tribune. The place has been a mainstay on Main Street for almost a century. I’ve been there once (maybe twice?) and enjoyed it. But that’s just the problem. It was a popular place for downtown businessmen and others. Not something I could afford on a regular basis.

After its owners didn’t inform the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control of its change in ownership in 2014, it was forced to stop selling alcohol. The place was also required to build a “Zion Curtain” because it would no longer be grandfathered in after losing its license. A double whammy, so to speak.

No alcohol sales surely didn’t help. I want wine with my steak and, well, if that’s not an option, I’m simply finding someplace I can get wine.

Barlow told the Tribune not being able to sell alcohol for even two months cost the business $40,000.

Ownership says they’re hoping they can reopen in a few weeks. Even if they do, temporary closures usually aren’t a good sign.

RIP Lamb’s Grill.

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