Nordstrom Rack kicks breast-feeding mom out of the bathroom

Deseret NewsShe decided to step off the store floor at Nordstrom Rack and find some privacy.

“So I went to the restroom and found an open chair,” Davis said. “Several people walked in and out of the restroom during that time, and within a few minutes, we were approached by a Nordstrom employee that said a complaint had been made, that someone was feeling uncomfortable to do their business while there was a nursing mother in the restroom.”

Davis said the employee asked her to leave the bathroom and finish feeding her baby in a fitting room.

“It was a little embarrassing at first,” Davis said. “I didn’t feel like I did anything wrong by nursing.”

OK, let’s start this by saying I am absolutely and completely unqualified in all ways to have any sort of opinion on this topic, let alone write about it.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I’m going to go ahead and write about it.

I’m a pretty staunch anti-breast-feeding in public guy. I’ve been at a dinner table with someone nursing in the middle of a restaurant. Not cool. Not cool at all. People were gawking. It was extremely uncomfortable.

But the bathroom? I think we all have to be OK with the bathroom. Where else do you want her to go? What if she wasn’t in a Nordstrom Rack? What if she was in a store that didn’t have fitting rooms? What then? It’s the fucking bathroom for Christ’s sake. The person lodging this complaint said they “couldn’t do their business” knowing that was going on. YOU’RE IN A STALL. You can’t even see what’s going on. What’s the big deal? Is it really any different from knowing someone in the stall next to you had Taco Bell for lunch and is having a bit of trouble? Do you want to send them to the fitting room to do that as well?

If you’re the person lodging this complaint, you’re just an asshole, simple as that. Grow up, go in your stall, do what you need to do, and leave. This is not hard.

Also not hard for Nordstrom Rack to tell that person to settle the fuck down. Reminds me of the opening scene from Old School — “Sir your seat belt seems to be broken, what do you recommend I do?” In this case I recommend that you go in your stall and quit being such a triggered snowflake.

But that’s not what Nordstrom Rack did because this is 2017 and everyone is a delicate flower with needs, so they booted this poor woman, while she had a baby sucking on her nipple, and asked her to go to the fitting room.


Real quick while we’re on the subject of women’s bathrooms, can I ask about this quote from the nursing mother?

“So I went to the restroom and found an open chair.”

She says that like it’s standard that there’s furniture in women’s bathrooms. As a guy, if I just need a place to sit, the bathroom is low on my list of places to look. But I feel like I hear of this more and more with the ladies room. Some of them even have couches. Why is that? Are people hanging out in there? Is that what the girl who goes to the bathroom with her friend just to go does? Sits on the couch and plays Candy Crush while they talk shit about the two guys they’re with? If anyone wants to enlighten me on this, I’d love to know.


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