So I bought new glasses today; New face, new me

So I made the life-changing decision today and purchased a new pair of glasses. Yes, life changing. We all know when you get a new pair, it’s like a new you. New face, new me.

If I’m being honest though, I have to get through the doubts stage first (hopefully before tonight). It takes a few days to get used to a new look and, boy, is this a stark change. First time I’ve purchased full frame glasses. I’ve only worn the half rim models before. Not sure how I feel about the nose to glass ratio here either.

These frames are YUGE. At least my peripheral vision is going to be phenomenal now.

And with new glasses come new opportunities. Maybe all this time girls have just been wanting bigger frames on my face. Who knows. Just throwing it out there. Employers might look at me differently. Plenty of field testing coming up this weekend.

P.S. They are Puma frames. Never thought I’d purchase a Puma product but here I am. And who knew they made glasses? I guess it was better than the Shaq versions this joint had in stock. Why is there that look on my face? Well, a lot of doubts out there on how this will do in the wild.

P.P.S. Does this mean you have to update all your new pictures on Tinder/Bumble when you get new frames? Asking for a friend.


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