Your first edition of the Utah Tinder/Bumble name roundup

Utah parents seem to have a knack for creative spellings for their kids’ names. This goes deeper than the millennial names that are hot in the streets out there today (Saint West). It’s about how we can take mostly traditional names and misspell create new spellings for them. Years from now we’ll read studies how Utah parents completely changed the name game.

Each week, I’ll have your roundup of names that, well, just seem to stand apart from the others.

Let’s go.

And we’re off to a hot start here. The “ae” spelling in names always gets me. Is it like “ale”? At first glance, you want to say Michael, but that’s not right. This is a female so let’s gender it up a bit. Machael. Much better.

Taylor. What was wrong with Taylor? Or they could have gone with Adele.

Now that’s something I haven’t seen before. No, not Alice, it’s AlEEce. Don’t forget the double Es, please. Maybe pronounced like Elise? We won’t know.

Honey, how can we change Megan? Meaghan? No, too many letters. Let’s switch the a and the e. Deal! Also, bonus since her bio says she’s from Georgia not Utah.

Not sure if some of these are just altered for Facebook “privacy” reasons. But if they are, this one seems like it could be a contender. How to cutesy up Brooke? Add the Y. Always the Y.

People really do not like the O in names this week. I’ll say, though, this is one good way to make Charlotte sound exotic.

Rounding out this week is a female’s take on my name. Always love to see how this plays out across the gender spectrum. Raymond. Too manly, I would know. But Raymonde, now that sounds classy. And those platform shoes to boot. I love the 90s and she must, too.

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