Layton kids that returned lost money go viral but I hate the move

Young boy, counting money and taking notes

Deseret NewsTwo Utah boys went viral on Wednesday for, well, doing the right thing.

Jennifer Arismendi, of Layton, captured video of two young boys, Eli and Bronx Spire, who are her neighbors, walking outside her house, thanks to a security camera, according to WDAF-TV.

 The two boys found some money on the sidewalk and debated what to do with it.

“Do you want to do the right thing to do or keep it?” Eli asked.

Bronxi said they needed to “do the right thing to do.”

I know what you’re probably thinking. Something along the lines of “awwwww, how cute, Harry you couldn’t possibly go after these kids, you would be a terrible person.”

Consider me terrible.

I hate this move so much. Finding money on the ground as a child is a seminal moment. That money should be spent as quickly as possible on candy and video games or at the very least be stuffed in a sock drawer for a day where you really want hot lunch because it’s chicken nuggets but mom sent you with a ham sandwich.

Then every time you play that video game you say to yourself “you know, I’m only playing this because I was lucky enough to find that money.”

Also, let’s discuss that they think they are doing “the right thing.” I don’t think there is a ton of etiquette when you find just straight cash on the sidewalk. It’s one thing if you find someone’s whole wallet, and their address and info are right there. It’s another thing if you find it in a bathroom or some sort of closed environment where the person who dropped it is probably still there, and you can take it to the hostess or whoever. But if you simply find money on the ground on the sidewalk, that shit is yours. Everyone knows that. Finders keepers, losers weepers.

If anything, making this huge effort to give it back is showing off what a good person you are. It’s rubbing it in other people’s faces despite the fact that we just decided as a group, together, you and me, that you are morally allowed to keep cash you find on the street.

But noooooooo, these kids decided to knock on doors trying to give the money back like some sort of good samaritans. It’s bananas, frankly. They better hope they work for a non-profit later in life because they clearly don’t have that snake mentality you need to make it in business. I certainly wouldn’t hire them. Show-offs.


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