Two suspects at large after fleeing on foot from UHP traffic stop

California Highway Police in Motion. SUV Police Cruiser on a Highway.

KSLTroopers are investigating why two people fled on foot during a traffic stop on I-80 Saturday and whether one of the them carjacked a vehicle after a pursuit began.

A Utah Highway Patrol trooper stopped an eastbound SUV for a lane violation on I-80 about 10:30 a.m. near the Saltair resort. The trooper was with the driver when two passengers got out the vehicle and ran away, the UHP reported.

One man fled into the mountains south of I-80. A witness told troopers that the second man carjacked a white or silver passenger car in the scenic lookout on the westbound side of the freeway, then headed west.

I have been saying for years that one of the things that sucks about 2017 is criminals never win a police chase. Back in the day, police chases were exciting because there was so much uncertainty. People got away. It was truly a game of cat and mouse.

Now, with modern technology and improved policing techniques, no one ever actually gets away — and they’re apprehended pretty much immediately. It’s a game of hammer and nail.

Until today, when these two ballsy motherfuckers decided to pull an old school gangsta move and simply run away on foot, and it actually seems to have worked.

UHP had a helicopter searching for the one guy who ran into the mountains — thus far, no dice. Other guy went straight Grand Theft Auto, carjacking someone before heading west into the desert.

If we’re being totally honest, without knowing what their crime is yet, it’s hard for me to root for them to get away. I don’t want any rapists or murderers on the loose, but if they are just fleeing a bench warrant for failure to appear on a speeding ticket or something like that, I am all in on these guys. Let’s hope it’s that and not something serious because then I’ll just feel bad.

Until then, score one for the bad guys. We need some balance in this world. The cops can’t win every chase.


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