Where is Joe Ingles? Earth to Joe Ingles

Joe Ingles is dead. Caput. Finished.

The Aussie has put up two straight goose eggs in this series. Last time he scored was Game 4. Joe, where did you go?

Here are his lines from games 5 and 6:

I get that players struggle. But when they struggle during the playoffs, that’s how you lose a series. Give me at least two buckets, Ingles. You’ve all but disappearedĀ from the offense.

Ingles did a pretty good job guarding Chris Paul in Game 5. He racked up too many fouls too quickly in Game 6. Only time I can really remember the announcers talking about him was when he fouled Mbah a Moute when he was driving to the basket in the second half.

Could this be the media jinx? After Game 4, stories surfaced about Ingles “morphing into” Utah’s playmaker. He’s been far from one since.

Get it together, Joe. Eat a vegemite sandwich or two. Or we’ll be seeing ya next year.

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