As a golf guy, I have to be happy golf is on the budget this year

Salt Lake Tribune – Salt Lake City’s mayor pitched a budget Tuesday that would boost funding for homeless services and affordable housing, and that tees up a debate about the future of the city’s golf courses.

Although Jackie Biskupski’s stated priorities hew to those identified earlier this year by the City Council, there promises to be robust discussion between the mayor’s office and council members about the wisdom of bonding and the appropriateness of earmarking $400,000 in general-fund money for the Rose Park Golf Course.

Roped in with sewer and water rate hikes and more money for homeless services, Salt Lake’s mayor has proposed using some general fund money to repair the Rose Park Golf Course. Yay!

I golf about once a week and since I’ve moved back to Utah, I’m looking for other courses to play. So this is good news. I’ve never played at the Rose Park course. I would always hear some people on a certain golf team that practiced there joke about it all the time because the grass wasn’t in good shape or it was just run down in general. I’d venture a guess that $400,000 might help.

Here’s the problem, the six city courses are expected to lose about $1 million in the next year. Lack of maintenance probably hasn’t helped sustain its customer base. It’s one reason the city had to shut down Wingpoint, the course out by the airport. That course saw its heyday around the turn of the century, but it declined since then.

Really, I’d like the golf course by the airport to be reopened. Never had a chance to play it. I love watching planes. The chance to do both sounds like a dream come true.

But at least we can be happy the city actually recognizes the need for the golf courses and will put some money toward their improvements.

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