Is this whole nightlife thing getting out of hand?

AP – Salt Lake City leaders and tourism officials playfully jabbed back at Golden State Warriors players who bemoaned the lack of nightlife in Utah, hoping to combat the predominantly Mormon state’s reputation as a boring place where it’s tough to get a drink.

The tourism agency in the state capital launched a new website and video Monday titled, “There’s nothing to do in Salt Lake” that features people enjoying drinks and food at popular breweries, bars, restaurants and sporting venues. The words “no fun” and “no drinking” sarcastically flash across images in the video.

OK, sheeple, this is starting to get out of hand.

We now have a tourism agency-sanctioned website poking fun at a perceived lack of nightlife. Or maybe it’s grounded in some reality?

Outsiders clearly think there is a lack of nightlife. Which I guess is true to some extent. If you’re visiting, you won’t know all the hot spots to hit. But by golly, if you’re a local, you probably do and this seems to have gotten under some people’s skin. Including the mayor:

Now, Matt Barnes and Co. are right to an extent. Obviously, Salt Lake is not Los Angeles. And I certainly won’t defend Salt Lake for having a rambunctious nightlife. I’ve been out on a Thursday night downtown and seen virtual ghost towns. So yes, sometimes it is. But on a normal weekend, if you’re in the right spot, it can get a little rowdy.

You gotta love playoff time in Utah. In the first round, we saw people overreact to the term “homer” from Chris Paul. Now, people are adamantly defending Salt Lake’s nightlife.

Things have gone too far, now. The website is a nice way to poke fun at it, but is it also a bit of an inferiority complex? I have to say yes.

Side note: The AP story cited a new video launched by Visit Salt Lake as well. However, on YouTube, it says the video was uploaded in 2015. Am I missing something here? Have I forgot how to internet? If you can explain, please enlighten me. If it really was uploaded two years ago, not sure if this is a good look. Calling it like I see it.

With all this taking shape, downtown is likely to be a happening place this weekend. Maybe this was all part of the plan for Matt Barnes. Get the folk riled up and put on their best nightlife performance this weekend for games 3 and 4.

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