Harry’s 2:30 Jam: Buy Me A Boat

Here’s the thing: 5-hour energy used to have those ads about the 2:30 feeling. Where 2:30 hits and you say to yourself “I could really take a big-time nap right now but unfortunately I still have two-and-a-half hours left at my job that makes me want to murder children.”

In reality 5-hour makes me too jittery to be productive, so when it’s 2:30, and Ray’s chapping my ass about not blogging enough, I turn to a 2:30 jam to ratchet myself back up.

Today, we turn to my jam of Summer 2015:

Now, I need you to imagine the following: It’s the summer of 2015, and I’m on the road doing a two-week tour of hockey camps in five cities in the Northeast with two of the best players on the U.S. Olympic Women’s Hockey Team. I need to transport some pretty sizable equipment from rink to rink, so I hit up Enterprise and rent myself an F-150 for a couple weeks. I spend the next 17 days criss-crossing New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and New Jersey in my big, black truck, leader of my own company and at the moment, feeling like master of the Universe.

I’ve never owned a truck before. My cars have been a Honda Civic and a Ford Fusion. So you can imagine what a delight it was to roll around in my big, black truck with the sun shining, the windows down and the country blasting through the window.

That’s right when this song was hitting the big-time, and man did I play it to death in that truck. I had to give it a rest for a bit after, but eventually I came back to all my truck jams, this being the chief among them.

Now, just sit back, let the power guitar fuel the rest of your day, and imagine a Yeti full of silver bullets when you get home.

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