Were these parents deciding their daughter’s name in front of the TV?

Utah parents seem to have a knack for creative spellings for their kids’ names. This goes deeper than the millennial names that are hot in the streets out there today (Saint West). It’s about how we can take mostly traditional names and misspell create new spellings for them. Years from now we’ll read studies how Utah parents completely changed the name game. 

Each week, I’ll have your roundup of names that, well, just seem to stand apart from the others. Not all might not be from Utah, but they’re in the state and by golly, they count.

Let’s go.

Lacking creativity, Toshia’s parents needed a name quick. The two were running out of time. Thinking on their feet, they turned to their Toshiba TV and decided that was it. Take out the “b” and it will have to do.

Haydee out here murdering the double vowels and farm food for grazing animals.

Even though Utah has a history of famous Australians in its state (Andrew Bogut, Joe Ingles, Dante Exum), her parents wanted to distance themselves from down under apparently. I before E.

She goes by Lorin because not only is she sippin’ on gym and juice, she’s sippin’ on Lau and ren.

This one is pretty generic by Utah standards. But I have to document every use of a “y” instead of the normal vowel.

And BONUS NSFW-ish one:

No, not talking about the name here. But a selfie on a toilet is a bold move for your first photo. Can’t say I’d swipe right.

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