Harry’s 2:30 Jam: Monday Morning

Here’s the thing: 5-hour energy used to have those ads about the 2:30 feeling. Where 2:30 hits and you say to yourself “I could really take a big-time nap right now but unfortunately I still have two-and-a-half hours left at my job that makes me want to murder children.”

In reality 5-hour makes me too jittery to be productive, so when it’s 2:30, and Ray’s chapping my ass about not blogging enough, I turn to a 2:30 jam to ratchet myself back up.

Today, we take a trip back in time to the most underrated Fleetwood Mac song in existence (in my opinion).

The greatness of this whole album is often lost amidst all the rumors about Rumours, but this song in particular has time after time given me a boost on a Monday morning (or afternoon in this case) whenever I needed it.

It’s quintessential early Fleetwood Mac, with Lindsey Buckingham both shredding and singing. Big Stevie Nicks fans — cough, Ray, cough — may not appreciate her lack of a ton of exposure on this track, but I think they’ll get over it.

No cute life story with this one — just a pure Monday blues shaker offer jam. You’re welcome.

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