One of these names is not like the other. Your weekly Utah Tinder/Bumble roundup

Utah parents seem to have a knack for creative spellings for their kids’ names. This goes deeper than the millennial names that are hot in the streets out there today (Saint West). It’s about how we can take mostly traditional names and misspell create new spellings for them. Years from now we’ll read studies how Utah parents completely changed the name game. 

Each week, I’ll have your roundup of names that, well, just seem to stand apart from the others. Not all might not be from Utah, but they’re in the state and by golly, they count.

Let’s go.

Honestly, I’m surprised there’s a Y in this name instead of two Es. Shayleese rolls off the tongue a little better, albeit only minimally. Shalyse just makes me want to yell “Charlene!” (like from The Fighter)

Americans. Desecrating Native American names since 1776.

NaeShelle sells seashells down by the seashore. Maybe? I tried.

You know what the guys say, “Very unique, that Aunique.”

Dropping the final vowel and doubling a consonant. A tradition as old as time in Utah.

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