Ep. 8: Lunch shaming and a green hair monopoly

The boys tackle the headlines of the weekend with school lunch shaming leading the way (0:00-8:00) followed by Mormon downsizing in Russia (8:00-12:00). BSPN wipes some egg off its face regarding RSL (13:30-16:20), discusses Utah softball’s run through the NCAA Regional round (16:20-17:45) and more Gordon Hayward-Celtics free agency/Mayor’s Bet talk (17:45-22:20). Segments include another phenomenal performance by Harry in Real or Fake (22:20-25:30), Going Up The Country with a man attempting to visit all of America’s National Parks and Monuments (25:30-29:35), Bad Outdoorsing with some rock slides inside Zion National Park (29:35-31:40), Talking Runoff (31:40-32:40) and Google Geography Reviews debuts with the Great Salt Lake (32:40-37:15). Then, things get weird when he head Out There to discuss a potential monopoly on green-haired women (37:15-44:00) before finishing up with the Mailbag (44:00-50:00)

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