Ep. 12: Humans attack dogs, dogs attack humans

The boys start off with a little Flag Day talk (0:00-4:30) and spirit animal discussion (4:30-7:00). Then they hit the headlines starting with Bears Ears National Monument (7:00-11:55), updates on Gary Ott (11:55-18:05) and the dog-abuser/murderer (18:05-21:30) and discussion about dogs attacking a boy in Clearfield (21:30-25:50). BSPN has a Gordon Hayward update (25:50-31:55), RSL in the U.S. Open Cup (31:55-35:05) and Utah’s MLB draft success and how the Utes might be the biggest winners in conference realignment (35:05-41:10). Going Up The Country takes a trip to Price to discuss some graveyard theft (41:10-44:20) and our new regular segment, Talkin’ Fires (44:20-45:55). Bad Outdoorsing discusses a mysterious search-and-rescue at Zion National Park and some paragliding talk (45:55-52:00)

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  1. #1 – You are shocked and appalled about a longtime Jazz player maybe leaving Utah? How about the shockwaves that still run through Utah over Urban Meyers? He just barely skipped through Utah.
    #2 – I thought you watched “Obit.” How is it you still refer to someone horrifically killed (in a paragliding accident) as “passed away?”
    #3 – I do love your take on chihuahuas.

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