Ep. 13: Racist memes and crazy chicks at the bar

The boys preview their trip to the Sun Tunnels in Western Utah (0:00-3:00). Then they hit the headlines, starting with a Layton police officer posting a racist meme on Facebook (3:00-8:35), the special election to replace U.S. Rep. and baby back bitch Jason Chaffetz (8:35-16:10) and another Herb Scribner list story — this time about Utah’s greatest inventions (16:10-21:30). BSPN talks a good news/bad news week for RSL (21:30-25:00), the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles wrapping up their inaugural season (25:00-27:00) and whether Utahns will embrace the NHL’s newest franchise, the Las Vegas Golden Knights (27:00-29:35). Going Up The Country has the scoop on a female running for city council in polygamy country (29:35-34:20), Talkin’ Fires discusses the Brian Head fire (34:20-36:30) and Bad Outdoorsing has a few deaths to report along with Ray’s first snake encounter of the season (36:30-41:10). Finally, the show wraps up with an extended Out There where Ray tells an epic tale of a crazy girl getting booted from the bar (41:10-55:00).

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