Ep. 14: Here comes the sun (tunnels)

The boys recap their wild trip the Sun Tunnels, including live audio from 2:31 a.m., their new favorite sponsor, Zima and their new friends the Chongo and the Fire Spinner and Harry’s newfound love for camping (0:00-18:55). Then they hit the headlines with another Gary Ott update (18:55-23:30) and the possibility that 3.2 beer might no longer be a thing (23:30-28:50). BSPN discusses the NBA draft, Gordon Hayward and the Jazz (28:50-34:40) and the BYU-Utah rivalry’s impact on The Basketball Tournament (34:40-38:00). Bad Outdoorsing discusses “liquid ice” (38:00-40:15), Talking Fires has a Brian Head update (40:15-43:35) and Is It Ass discusses Fox13’s poor attempt at a heat-related Facebook Live.

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