Ep. 15: Gay mormon children and Harry gives a history lesson

The boys hit the headlines, starting with a 13-year-old gay mormon girl coming out during a service (0:00-11:00), Salt Lake County’s declining mormon population (11:00-16:30) and a skull found from the Mountain Meadows Massacre — and a little history lesson from Harry (16:30-23:50). BSPN hits the NBA draft and the assorted Jazz and Gordon Hayward storylines (23:50-31:00) and RSL’s latest defeat (31:00-34:20). Going Up The Country updates the growing Brian Head fire (34:20-38:00) and Bad Outdoorsing hits some other fires caused by bad outdoorsing (38:00-41:00) before the boys finish with Is It Ass on icing people (41:00-49:00)

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