Ep. 16: Rock lickers and an epic Harry rant

The boys hit the headlines, starting with the logging controversy surrounding the Brian Head wildfire (0:00-11:00), Pepsi removing blue from its machines at the U because it’s the same blue as BYU’s logo (11:00-17:00), another update in the saga of Salt Lake County Recorder Gary Ott (17:00-22:10) and an update on everyone’s favorite quitting congressman, Jason Chaffetz (22:10-23:15). BSPN has the scoop on the Jazz tendering Joe Ingles (24:15-27:20), the never-ending Gordon Hayward discussion (27:20-30:40), RSL putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound (30:40-32:50) and an epic Harry rant about the John McEnroe-Serena Williams “controversy” (32:50-39:00). Going Up The Country has some classic fraud in Southern Utah (39:00-42:25), talking more Brian Head (42:25-44:45) and the segment that won’t die — Talkin’ Runoff at Burning Man (44:45-47:00) and Bad Outdoorsing with another bird death at the Hogle Zoo (47:00-52:16).

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