Ep. 19: Lorcan Murphy, Young Democrats of Utah

The boys start with the headlines, discussing a BYU study about Facebook (0:00-10:15) and yet another Gary Ott update (10:15-14:15). They discuss polygamy in the mailbag (14:15-18:10), then President of the Young Democrats of Utah Lorcan Murphy joins the show for a wide-ranging discussion about being liberal in Utah, his decade in Ireland and a stump speech for the podcast (18:10-51:45). BSPN wraps up summer league (51:45-55:05) and briefly discusses the MLS transfer window (55:05-57:15). Going Up The Country has the scoop on Nevada running out of marijuana (57:15-60:30) and a Brian Head update (60:30-61:30). Bad Outdoorsing on an 83-foot belly flop in Colorado (61:30-64:30) and the 5-star review of the week (64:30-67:30) wrap up the show.

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