Ep. 24: Canadian polygamy and Mainers on Utah

The boys discuss the recent polygamy convictions in British Columbia, Canada (0:00-12:15), the most-needed website update in the history of websites (12:15-15:45) and the controversy surrounding a New York Times Magazine piece about Utah’s Spiral Jetty (15:45-24:00). BSPN talks RSL and getting sucked back in (24:00-26:35) and fall camp opening at Utah and BYU (26:35-31:30). Going Up The Country has the scoop on the man who started the Brian Head Fire (31:30-35:25) and talks local floods (35:25-36:50). Bad Outdoorsing has a quick report on a plane crashing onto I-15 (36:50-39:15). Finally, the mailbag discusses letting your boss win (39:15-46:00).

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  1. As to the discussion on polygamy & the debate of whether it is a gateway crime to other crimes: Polygamy is in itself a crime in most states, including Utah. Although of course not a crime authorities care to prosecute. In my years of research as a journalist, author of ‘God’s Brothel’ & researcher for the documentary, ‘Inside Polygamy,’ I can tell you it is not about “consenting adults.” It is about control & brainwashing – the reason it is deemed a foe to democracy. Through out the world where polygamy is practiced, it is rife with child abuse, forced marriages/trafficking, etc.

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