Ep. 27: Fake homeless guys and two-legged dogs

The boys are in separate time zones but that won’t stop them from discussing Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams pretending to be homeless for a weekend (0:00-9:45), a former lawmaker accusing the LDS Church of lobbying state reps “in the shadows” (9:45-15:30) and a controversial canyon name in Southern Utah (15:30-24:30). BSPN includes the Slowest 90 Minutes and more RSL talk (24:30-29:25) and some Tour of Utah discussion (29:25-35:00). Going Up The Country has the scoop on a two-legged dog in Idaho (35:00-40:30). Bad Outdoorsing has more lightning strikes, lost hikers and a questionable bear incident (40:30-49:45). Finally, Kosher or Not Kosher discusses some Apple Watch hypocrisy (49:45-56:00).

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