Ep. 29: Speed Week Recap and more

The boys recap their trip to Speed Week at the Bonneville Salt Flats (0:00-13:30) before they hit the headlines of the weekend, with racist flyers at the University of Utah (13:30-19:40), a study of how social norms in Utah are affecting women in the workplace (19:40-26:00) and a Utah Supreme Court ruling regarding spanking children (26:00-33:10). BSPN has the scoop on RSL’s wild weekend in DC (33:10-38:10) and a couple of local players who played in the weekend’s PGA Championship (38:10-41:10). Segments include Bad Outdoorsing (41:10-47:00), Kosher or Not Kosher (47:00-49:30) and the debut of Uncle Ray’s Book Club (49:30-56:30).

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