Ep. 30: Operation Rio Grande and pro-LGBTQ mormons?

The boys start by discussing the joint operation to clean up Salt Lake’s Rio Grande neighborhood (0:00-12:00), the LDS church’s donation to a festival that primarily benefits LGBTQ organizations (12:00-18:30) and an election update from the recent primaries around the area (18:30-25:30). Real or Fake is back again (25:30-28:00) and BSPN has its¬†inaugural lightning round (28:00-33:00). Going Up The Country covers a fatal crash at Speed Week (33:00-35:45) and a Brian Head fire update (35:45-38:15). Bad Outdoorsing has yet another mountain lion incident, Willie Nelson getting too high and some trapped hikers in the Tetons (38:15-45:30) and a Kosher or Not Kosher from Harry’s mom (45:30-50:00).

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