Ep. 31: Zima enthusiast Chris Porterfield and eclipse pre-game

The boys start with a little solar eclipse pre-gaming (0:00-12:00), become pro-industrial waste (12:00-20:30) and discuss more fallout from Operation Rio Grande (20:30-26:20). Zima enthusiast and the only person Zima follows on Instagram Chris Porterfield joins the show to talk all things Zima (26:20-41:00). BSPN has the Slowest 90 minutes, a high school QB tossing 10 TD’s in game and quick discussion about college football season previews (41:00-51:00). Going Up The Country is talking some Bad Nursing (51:00-56:25) and one of the best Bad Outdoorsings of all time (56:25-61:00).

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