Ep. 32: 2 Chainz incidents and BYU season preview

The boys start by heading “out there” to recap their eventful trip to see 2 Chainz (0:00-13:00), Ray’s life-changing eclipse experience (13:00-18:00), and a bizarre Deseret News sort-of retraction related to Mary Beckerle (18:00-27:00). BSPN has breaking news about the Utah QB situation (27:00-31:20), a BYU football season preview (31:20-43:00), the Slowest 90 Minutes recaps RSL’s Wednesday 3-0 victory over San Jose (43:00-45:10) and a quick Jimmer Fredette update (45:10-47:20). Going Up The Country has the story on a boy who was forced to eat carrots and turned orange (47:20-51:10) and some moose making their presence known in Park City (51:10-53:30). Bad Outdoorsing has more talkin’ fire (causes) (53:30-55:05). The mailbag discusses some hate mail and Rolling Stones vs. Led Zeppelin (55:05-61:00)

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  1. Answer 1: You have to eat a lot of carrots or pumpkin to have your skin turn orange, but it can happen. It is because of the beta-carotene, a pigment that is present in high amounts. If you eat too much, the excess beta-carotene enters the bloodstream.

    Also, do I need a disclaimer that I don’t spank, either?

    Finally, the BEATLES. I guess it’s a matter of perspective and timing. This guy makes some good points: http://www.bbc.com/culture/story/20130607-were-the-stones-underrated

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