Ep. 36: Gary Ott saga is back and Utah-BYU Preview

Despite Ray doing a fantasy football draft during the early part of the show, the boys discuss the delay of placing the police officer in the viral nurse incident on leave (0:00-8:00), the resumption of the Gary Ott guardianship sage — sort of (8:00-17:15) and damages of $16 Million awarded in a polygamy cases (17:15-23:00). Real or Fake returns (23:00-26:30). BSPN (26:30-41:30) discusses the week’s area college football games, including the Holy War and briefly discusses RSL’s stretch run. Going Up The Country has the scoop on a Park City student’s unfortunate snapchat and the Weber Canyon fire (41:30-47:00) and Bad Outdoorsing has the scoop and 300,000 chickens that died in a fire (47:00-50:30). Finally Unfiltered Advice debuts, discussing how to handle obligation during football seasons (50:30-59:00).

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