Ep. 37: Racist reenactments and Holy War recap

Harry gets iced to start the show, then the boys discuss the controversy in Wellsville over a reenactment of the “Sham Battle” (0:00-11:00), the resolution of the discussion about the skull from the Mountain Meadows massacre (11:00-16:30) and Utah Sen. Mike Lee’s stance on the upcoming Supreme Court case regarding a Colorado baker (16:30-23:50). BSPN (23:50-38:30)recaps another Utah win in the Holy War, Utah State’s first win of the season and has the Slowest 90 Minutes to recap RSL’s loss to Vancouver. Real or Fake is back — this time with listener-submitted names (38:30-42:00) and Going Up The Country has the story of a man who shot a pitbull and a vigil for the thousands of chickens that were killed in a fire (42:00-50:00).

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