Ep. 44: Mormons, Jews and Dumpster Drugs

The boys start by discussing the Mormon genealogists who helped Larry David and Bernie Sanders discover that they were related (0:00-10:00), Columbus Day’s rebranding (10:00-17:00) and some Utahns in International news (17:00-25:00). BSPN is loaded (25:00-48:30 ) with Jazz talk, an RSL-related scandal in MLS and previews for BYU-Boise State, Utah State-Colorado State and Utah-Stanford. Going Up The Country (48:00-53:00), Bad Outdoorsing (53:00-60:00) and Reviews (60:00-63:00 ) finish the show.

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  1. First, by all means get the We’re Related app on your phones. I am James Dean’s 8th cousin 1X removed. (they say) And Jake Gyllenhaal (9th cuz) Also, re: no famous people in Utah mental institutions – Roseanne Barr would beg to disagree.

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