Ep. 45: Moana is ugly and Tim Allen is triggered

The boys return from their break and discuss BYU’s Student Comedy Troupe’s canceled performance of “Moana, You Ugly,” (0:00-9:45), another Maine vs. Utah dispute (9:45-15:15) and Tim Allen’s recent comments about “The Book of Mormon” (15:15-22:30). Real or Fake returns with some great Utah names along with some quick grocery store and dating discussion (25:00-30:00), BSPN has football previews and some quick Jazz talk (30:00-50:00), Going Up The Country has a Sham Battle update (50:00-53:45), Bad Outdoorsing has a rescue by a Jazz player and more (53:45-59:45) and 5 Start Reviews wrap up the show (59:45-61:00).

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