Ep. 58: Bishop Sex Interviews (Bonus: Ray reads the Hanukkah prayer)

The boys start by lighting the Menorah and teaching Ray the Hanukkah prayer before discussing a petition regarding sexual questions asked by Mormon bishops to youths (4:00-14:00), a Josh Holt-Venezuela update as things take a turn for the worse (14:00-21:00) and a trademark dispute over Salt Lake Comic-Con (21:00-28:30). Then they introduce a new game, State of Confusion (28:30-32:15), play Real or Fake while also discussing their dating app situations (32:15-37:30). BSPN (37:30-54:30) has FCS football, college basketball and of course, Take Note. Kosher or Not Kosher on Harry’s phone habits negatively impacting a Ray emergency (54:30-61:00), then Going Up The Country (61:00-66:00) and Bad Outdoorsing (66:00-71:00) wrap up the show.

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