Ep. 61: Obituary Complaints and Cars In Trees (Bonus: Ray is Sick)

WARNING: Ray is sick. No this episode is not contagious, but there is some mouth breathing. The boys start by discussing the¬†controversy surrounding the obituary¬†of Mormon President Thomas Monson (0:00-15:45), LDS Living Magazine’s faux pas with the Golden Globes (15:45-20:10) and a Clearfield woman with a car in a tree (20:10-28:00). State of Confusion has the State Dance of Utah (28:00-30:10) and Real or Fake is back (30:10-33:15). BSPN (33:15-51:00) has some in-depth college hoops discussion, some gymnastics talk and Take Note. Going Up The Country (51:00-56:20) and Bad Outdoorsing (56:20-60:00) wrap up the show.

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  1. First – more elevator music!
    2 – I like the car in the tree
    3- modest Golden Globe dresses?!
    I will be sending you pictures. Also, there is a lovely argument about how women should dress on my timeline. God help me!

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