Ep. 62: Talkin’ Rocks, Snow and Mitts

The boys start by discussing the leasing of BLM land in Central Utah and what they would do with it (0:00-15:30), the impact of climate change on future Olympic bids (15:30-23:00), Mitt Romney’s unwillingness to admit he’s running for Orrin Hatch’s senate seat (23:00-30:30) and the change at the top of LDS leadership (30:30-35:30). State of Confusion discusses the State Cooking Pot of Utah (35:30-39:30) and Real or Fake returns along with everyone’s favorite dating segsegmentment (39:30-46:00). BSPN (46:00-60:00) talks some RSL, college hoops lightning round and Take Note. Going Up the Country (60:00-65:30) and Bad Outdoorsing wrap up the show (65:30-72:00).

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