Ep. 64: Zoo Escapes and Return of the Zion Curtain

The boys start by discussing the escape of a Pallas Cat from the Hogle Zoo (0:00-13:00), new laws surrounding the potential return of a form of the Zion Curtain (13:00-22:30) and a story about a gay Mormon man married to a woman for over a decade (22:30-32:00). A new segment debuts, Connecting The Missed (32:00-38:30) along with Real or Fake and dating talk (38:30-43:00). BSPN (43:00-54:30) has a story about Gonzaga-BYU, college hoops lightning round and Take Note. Going Up The Country (54:30-59:00) and Bad Outdoorsing wrap up the show (59:00-1:06:00).

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