Ep. 66: Legislative Hookers and Valentine’s Breakdown

The boys start by discussing their thoughts on Valentine’s Day, including their idea for a male-centric Valentine’s Day in August (0:00-16:00), the resignation of Utah State Rep. Jon Stanard due to a prostitution scandal (16:00-26:00) and the end of the car in the tree in Clearfield (26:00-32:00). Game Time includes the final edition of State of Confusion (32:00-35:00), and Real or Fake and quick dating app talk (35:00-40:00). BSPN talks the Jazz winning streak, Utah Gymnastics and College Hoops Lightning Round (40:00-57:00). Going Up The Country (57:00-1:01:15) and Bad Outdoorsing wrap up the show (1:01:15-1:09:00).

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