Ep. 83: Sicilian Injunctions and Grayson Allen antics

The boys discuss a legal kerfuffle in Salt Lake regarding two restaurants (0:00-11:00), a bizarre potential court case regarding a Doctor and her recently deceased husband (11:00-22:30) and a Millcreek fraudster taking advantage of a 90-year-old resident (22:30-30:00) before Real or Fake and another electric Dating Talk segment (30:00-36:00). BSPN(36:00- has the scoop on Grayson Allen’s summer league behavior, some World Cup talk as well as a recap of their visit to Rio Tinto Stadium on Saturday. Going Up The Country (51:10-1:00:00) and Bad Outdoorsing (1:00:00-1:06:00) wrap up the show.

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