Ep. 86: Questionable Textbooks and Willie Greyeyes

The boys start with a little class action lawsuit discussion (0:00-8:45), then move on to a controversial textbook authored by two BYU professors (8:45-15:30), a┬ápolitical controversy in Southern Utah involving Native American Willie Greyeyes (15:30-25:00) and their trip to Saturday’s Voyeur (25:00-32:00). Harry struggles mightily at Real or Fake and Ray has another wild story in Dating Talk aka Haps in the Apps (32:00-42:45). BSPN (42:45-57:20) has a Utah State football preview, some Jazz news and notes and an RSL update. Going Up The Country (57:20-1:02:00) and Bad Outdoorsing wrap up the show (1:02:00-1:05:30).

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