Ep. 100: Listener Grievances and More

The boys discuss a problematic dance display on KSL (0:00-13:00), call listener Colin to get his grievances¬†on episode 100 (13:00-18:30), recap another LDS forgery/theft case (18:30-25:30), get listener Nikko’s takes on the show (25:30-30:45), do a quick scooter update (30:45-35:00) before playing Real or Fake and getting some thoughts from Manager (35:00-45:00). BSPN talks college football, the AAF and a college basketball lightning round (45:00-1:03:00). Going Up The Country (1:03:00-1:06:45) and Bad Outdoorsing wrap up the show (1:06:45-1:09:15).

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