Ep. 102: Utah’s No. 1 Anti-Ecoterrorism Podcast

The boys start by discussing fake videos that surfaced online of people exploding arches and hoodoos in the desert (0:00-12:00), the new Deadpool poster causing a stir in the LDS church (12:00-19:00), some mayoral race talk, scooter talk and other silliness (19:00-26:30) before they play Real or Fake and do some dating talk (26:30-33:00). BSPN (33:00-47:30) talks New Mexico Bowl, FCS playoffs, the Jazz and the college basketball lightning round. Going Up The Country (47:30-55:30) laments the loss of the Price Sun Advocate and Bad Outdoorsing wraps up the show (55:30-1:01:00).

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