Ep. 117: Chalk Talk and Mexico Recap

The boys start by discussing a Utah swimsuit companies marketing missteps (0:00-12:30), a chalk controversy at Lehi City Hall (12:30-21:25), the LDS church’s change of course on LGBTQ policy (21:25-25:30), recap their trips to Mexico including Harry’s visit to a Mexican Hospital (25:30-36:00), a speeding ticket update (36:00-38:30), a half-marathon update (38:30-43:00) before Real or Fake and Dating Talk (43:00-47:00). BSPN talks the demise of the AAF, the Jazz, RSL and Gymnastics (47:00-58:45). Going Up The Country (58:45-1:02:00) and Bad Outdoorsing (1:02:00-1:05:00) wraps up the show.

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