We often get asked “What exactly is Utah Unfiltered?”

Is it a blog? Is it a podcast? Is it an excuse for Harry to make an ass out of himself on camera while barking orders at Ray?

The short answer is that it’s all of those things (but primarily the third one if we’re being totally honest).

Like anything else, there’s also a longer answer, and it starts here: The media world seems to be vacillating constantly between its holier-than-thou political high horse and a talking head culture that is currently researching new types of ovens because the takes just aren’t hot enough.

This is a problem far beyond the borders of the Beehive State, but the addition of the LDS church into the equation brings another dimension to just about every issue.

Utah is a fascinating place. Somehow a former religious outpost has become one of the fastest growing metro areas in the nation. Companies and people are flocking here because it’s beautiful, it’s clean, the people work hard and it’s not prohibitively expensive.

Along the way, the identity of the place is changing, and that means there are stories to be told and jokes to be made.

We don’t expect to be the be-all end-all authority on Utah culture. One of us has only lived here for a month, and the other is still re-acclimating after almost a decade away.

We want to bring you the content that will make you chuckle and when we’re at our best, maybe even spit your drink out. There’s a lot going on around the state, whether it’s the newest law lowering the permitted BAC for drinking and driving (don’t do that) or the latest news from the church, we’ll be there to deliver to you, the internet aficionado, the unfiltered takes.

We also like sports. Especially weird sports. You might have already seen our video from the World Championships of Chariot Racing (the debate is still out how much of the world was there) or when we coached the Screaming Eagles to a narrow victory loss to the Colorado Crush. There’s more of that coming.

We have a unique inside-out perspective on Utah. Ray is a native, has the institutional knowledge of spending the first 18 years of his life here, and is generally a nice person. Harry is a sarcastic East Coast jerk that just wants to make fun of everyone, and is pretty much only nice when there is free food or drink involved.

Some other things we think you should know:

  • We are actually trained journalists. We have 2.9 degrees in journalism between us (Ray, let me know when you finish that Master’s thesis so we can update this to 3 it looks a lot better that way). We’ve both worked for major newspapers. We call the first sentence a lede, know our way around a nut graf and are excited to never look at the AP Stylebook again because this is a blog and goddammit, we’ll make our own decisions about Oxford commas and datelines.
  • We are not trained photographers, camera operators, sound engineers, podcast producers, TV hosts, standup comedians. But we are going to try to do those things anyway.
  • We think we’re pretty reasonable people. Even some of Harry’s most out-there rants or Ray’s bizarre idiosyncracies are based in some minimal level of anecdotal logic.
  • We make fun of everyone equally. No one is safe. But at the same time, neither of us has any vendettas, local biases or secret agendas we are trying to push other than making people laugh and having a good time. This will probably change, but once we develop vendettas, rest assured we will fully disclose them. So we’ve got that going for us. Which is nice.
  • We’re big Eddie Rabbitt guys. This has nothing to do with the site, we just wanted you to know. If you hear Drivin’ My Life Away on the jukebox anywhere in Salt Lake City, there’s a pretty good chance we put it on.
  • We are not trying to deliver hot-take clickbait. If we have an opinion in a blog or podcast, it’s genuinely what we think. At least until someone offers us a lot of money to write clickbait. Then we’ll start doing that, but not tell you we’re doing it, so it’ll take you a while to catch on while we get rich off of tricking you.
  • We are starting this out of somebody’s mother’s basement because clichés are awesome.

If you feel like this is not enough information, you can read our bios (Harry | Ray). If you still want more, you are probably a weird stalker, but you can email us at utahunfiltered@gmail.com or hit us up on any number of our myriad social media channels.

Now, let’s go have some fun. And maybe get weird. Actually we’ll definitely get weird.