Ep. 103: Olympic Mania Returns

December 20, 2018 harry 0

The boys discuss the news that Salt Lake has been selected as the next potential host city for the Winter Olympics before Harry delves into an epic tail of searching for hot dogs at local retailer R.C. Willey and much, much more.

Ep. 95: Weed, Wine and Money Laundering

October 17, 2018 harry 0

The boys start by discussing the revelation that a local music venue was a money laundering operation for a major marijuana trafficking organization, the DABC’s move to ban wine review cards in state liquor stores and much, much more.

Ep. 85: The Wine and Cheese Episode

August 1, 2018 harry 0

The boys deliver their show through the voice of NPR today, discussing more scooter drama in Salt Lake, a suboxone-spiked drink at McDonald’s and much, much more.