Ep. 112: Normal Beer and The Honor Code

February 28, 2019 harry 0

The boys discuss the passage of a bill in the Utah Senate that would allow grocery stores to carry normal beer, the potential decertification of the BYU Police Department and much, much more.

Ep. 110: Slumlords and Bad Editorials

February 14, 2019 harry 0

The discuss a recently condemned apartment complex and reminisce about some of their bad living situations, an absurd editorial in the Deseret News about full-strength beer and much, much more.

Ep. 106: The Beerpocalypse

January 17, 2019 harry 0

The boys start by discussing beer companies pulling six-packs from Utah shelves and other 3.2 matters (0:00-13:30), a ridiculous front-page story in the Deseret News […]

Ep. 103: Olympic Mania Returns

December 20, 2018 harry 0

The boys discuss the news that Salt Lake has been selected as the next potential host city for the Winter Olympics before Harry delves into an epic tail of searching for hot dogs at local retailer R.C. Willey and much, much more.